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Monitor Your Production

Closed circuit TV: A safer way to keep eyes on your entire manufacturing process.

CCTV Systems »

Secure Your Facility

Reliable systems to oversee personnel movement and provide restricted entry authorization.

Access Control »

Upgrade Your Infrastructure

Custom hardware, software, voice, data, network, low voltage and wireless technology.

IT Solutions »

Eclipse specializes in closed-circuit video monitoring systems and access control systems integration as well as low voltage data systems, including voice, cable, card readers, electronic key entry systems and more.

When your business is at stake, put your trust in the electronics systems experts at Eclipse Business Consultants. Since 1990, our state-of-the-art technology solutions have provided our clients with peace of mind. With Eclipse, you'll know your assets are protected, your production lines are operating at peak efficiency, and your IT technology is functioning at the highest level.

Proven Experience

At Eclipse, we've designed and installed thousands of security and safety systems for clients in a variety of industries with facilites of all sizes. Every industry and every facility presents its own unique requirements and challenges. We employ creative thinking, extensive planning and our knowledge of equipment to create each custom system.

Our experienced team will review your specific needs and prepare a customized solution that meets both your requirements and your budget.

Turnkey Solutions

We can provide a detailed system plan, hardware from leading industry manufacturers, both out-of-the box and custom software, and professional installation. All at competitive rates.

We'll ensure the success of your system with proper training for your staff and ongoing system monitoring and maintenance services.

Services include

  • Consulting, System Planning & Design
  • Hardware, including Cameras, Monitors, IT, Wireless & Infrastructure
  • Software for Monitoring and Systems Operation/Management
  • System Installation
  • Network Management

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