Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Eclipse offers several options for IP access control systems to monitor, allow and/or restrict facility access to personnel and visitors, and help prevent unwanted intruders.

Our access control systems include device solutions, such as magnetic encoded swipe cards, wireless electronic locks, and keyed entry systems, along with advanced video solutions.

Restrict Who Can Enter Your Facility

Electronic facility entry control systems provide businesses with both security and flexibility.

  • Prevent unauthorized access to your facility
  • Eliminate the need to carry several keys when your building has multiple access points
  • Track when and which employees are on the premises, allowing more efficient operation of utilities including lighting, heating and air conditioning, which saves money and resources
  • Quickly and easily reprogram the system when changes in personnel occur
  • Better handle emergency situations

Restrict Access Within Your Facility

Systems can be installed within your facility and programmed to allow broad access or to restrict entry to specific areas, such as permitting only trained lab workers to enter a chemical storage room.

Systems can even be programmed for critically timed events, as specific as allowing maintenance technicians to enter a secured area only Tuesday afternoons when production is idle. The systems not only ensure security, but promote employee safety as well.

Video Solutions Provide a Higher Level of Control

From facial recognition software to license plate readers, Eclipse offers software and hardware video access control technology to protect your facility at a higher level. Our access control experts will recommend solutions that are right for you. To streamline operations, video surveillance and access control systems can be integrated and monitored from a single easy-to-use interface.

Eclipse will design and install an access control system using time-tested, reliable components from top manufacturers. Your access control systems can be tailored to meet your facility’s unique requirements and scalable to accommodate your company's future growth.

Access Control Systems

  • Magnetic encoded swipe card readers
  • Electronic keyed entry systems
  • Video authorization and monitoring
  • 24/7 Service and support

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