Closed-Circuit Video Monitoring Systems

Closed-Circuit Video Monitoring Systems

Digital technology makes it easy to keep eyes on your facility, whether to monitor production or for security surveillance. Offering both wired and internet-based solutions, Eclipse has the experience and expertise to design and install video monitoring systems of all sizes.

Need a simple 4-camera set up to help prevent shoplifting from your retail store? We can do that.

Are you a worldwide manufacturer needing to monitor multiple production facilities across the globe and feed the data to a central network storage system? We can do that too. Our customer base includes many Fortune 100 companies.

Specializing in CCTV Systems for Industrial Manufacturing

Today’s automated materials processing lines, production facilities and assembly plants help create cost efficiencies, but these manufacturing environments may pose risks to workers. Extreme temperatures, noxious chemicals, and dangerous machinery are examples of potentially harmful workplace conditions.

A video monitoring system from Eclipse can provide an ideal solution to ensuring the safety of your workforce while maintaining production rates.

Cameras can be mounted at strategic points along the line. The digital video feed can then be monitored in a safe, central control room (onsite or via the internet to any offsite location). Technicians are then able to pinpoint and quickly respond to any issues impacting the production line. Video data can be archived and easily retrieved when needed.

Gain Peace of Mind with Security Surveillance

A 2011 report by the independent research organization Urban Institute concludes that surveillance cameras are an effective tool in reducing crime if properly deployed, and that they can be worth the investment. In addition, video surveillance recordings have proven to be a useful tool in identifying criminals and can be used as evidence in their prosecution.

Call Eclipse to learn about affordable options for setting up video security to protect your facility.

System Design, Quality Components, Installation Expertise

Look to the video monitoring systems experts at Eclipse to design a system that is right-sized for your needs, and scalable if you expect your needs to change. Our extensive customer base and broad industry experience have provided us with insight into a wide range of video monitoring applications.

We research, trial and select reliable top-quality components from brand-name manufacturers, including specialized options like thermographic cameras that use infrared imaging to measure and monitor temperatures, along with time-lapse and motion-triggered recording features, night vision capabilities, and remote directional controls.

The Eclipse team of skilled installers will get your system up and running quickly with minimal interruptions to your production.

CCTV Systems

  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems for production monitoring and security surveillance
  • Systems from 4 cameras to thousands in multiple locations
  • Analog and digital IP high-definition cameras
  • Specialized features like thermography and infrared imaging
  • Short-term and archival storage systems including NVR and DVR options
  • Software solutions
  • Structured cabling
  • Repairs and maintenance programs
  • 24/7 Service

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